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Plains Heating and Air Conditioning Ductwork ServicesYour home’s air ducts are in charge of moving conditioned air throughout your home to keep the indoor temperature comfortable and consistent. Unfortunately, air ducts that are not insulated properly can “leak” a ton of that conditioned air. Not only does this make your home more difficult to heat or cool comfortably, but it also lowers your home’s energy efficiency. At Plains Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, we can inspect your home’s ductwork to ensure it’s properly sealed and insulated.

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Leaky air ducts can account for up to 20% of your home’s heating and cooling energy losses, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program. Air lost to leaky ducts makes it more difficult to regulate your home’s temperature consistently. It also leads to high energy bills and more wear and tear on your cooling and heating equipment.

At Plains Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc, our technicians are experts trained and certified to service ductwork in Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas. From cleaning and sealing to insulation and repairs, we know how to restore the function of your ductwork.

Signs that ducts are leaking:
  • Rooms that always feel stuffy or have poor air circulation
  • Flexible ducts in your system are tangled or kinked
  • Unusually high utility bills in winter and summer
  • Rooms that are difficult to heat up or keep cool

Custom Ductwork Solutions

Since 1976, Plains Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc has provided top-notch ductwork services to homeowners throughout Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas. Our team of experienced technicians knows exactly how to properly seal and insulate your ductwork to maximize performance. Each of our locations has a sheet metal fabrication factory on site so we can custom design and fit parts to meet your home and system’s needs. We want your home to be comfortable and energy-efficient all year long.

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